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Experienced Executive Bob Bernstock

July 18, 2020

It is the case that the past few years have been quite busy for Robert Bernstock. He has simultaneously served as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of USCI Company as well President and Chief Executive Officer of Medical Services Associates, LLC, all while he was also a consultant to Central Garden and Pet Company, a leading national marketer of branded lawn & garden and pet products.

That’s a lot of work, but Robert Bernstock has the experience to make it all work. His long quarter-century business career has featured many leadership roles in a number of companies. His high level of skill have led to endorsements in many important business skills, especially when dealing with innovation, team building and change management, among many others. Bob is considered a leader and a good strategic planner. Companies look to him to fill leadership roles because he understands that change is essential for any company, if they expect to reach the next level of growth. The ability to change makes them and more efficient and effective, which is the key to profitability.